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Common Mistakes That English Speakers Make  When Speaking Spanish

This is a recording of a Webinar covering some of the most common mistakes that English speakers make when speaking Spanish. Natalia Velez from eLearnSpanishOnline.com was the organizer of this Webinar and Patrick Jackson from LearningSpanishLikeCrazy.com was a panelist.

You can watch the video to this Webinar. There is also a PDF below of the Powerpoint presentation to this Webinar that covered the most common mistakes that English speakers make when speaking Spanish.

Click Here to download the PDF of the Powerpoint presentation to this Webinar from Natalia Velez and Patrick Jackson that covered many of the most common blunders that English speakers make when speaking Spanish.

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16 Responses to Common Mistakes That English Speakers Make When Speaking Spanish

  1. Thank you both so much for all of the free help! I bought the verbarrator a while back and found the info inside the package on these free lessons much later. Everything has been a tremendous help for this self learner. Thank you, again.

  2. Natalia Y Patrick: Excelente, buena idea Natalia. Me gustó mucho y miraré otra vez. ¡Muchas gracias a los dos! Patrick tiene voz sexy.

  3. Loved the style of this lesson. Trying to understand Natalia’s explanations in Spanish alone was good practice. And then it was great to have you come in and re-explain what she said in English in case I missed anything the first time around. Great work!

  4. Me encantó (gustó) todo especialmente los amigos falsos. Asombroso (stupendo). 🙂

  5. I have emailed Natalia and thanked her for the Webinar so, I guess, I should have emailed you too but I am sure this will suffice…I am always grateful for the free advice both of you give so generously to help me with my endeavours to learn Spanish. For me it is only a hobby and I do really appreciate all your assistance because where I live in Australia nobody speaks Spanish…Muchas gracias.

  6. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your web seminar “by email” as I could not attend the life one… I loved it. Thank you both! Will listen to it again…
    Keep up the good work!

  7. very informative

  8. Yo disfruté mucho.
    Very clear sound and great examples!
    I bought the verbarrator, and it is great!!!

    I am trying to teach myself using all computer tools, and I really liked this one!



  9. My husband and I wish you well in all your endeavors!!

  10. Hey Pat,
    I thought it was very good your partner did a great job also . My husband are down here in Ecuador trying to learn Spanish
    And we know a lot of what you said was right on the money! So keep up the good work and thank you both for a great lesson.

  11. I found it very difficult to understand Natalia, but did understand Patrick. Also, it was fine to make the mistakes right, but you need to write the correct words in place of the incorrect ones. It was confusing as to what was right and what was wrong. Then, at the end, when you were reviewing different examples, the ones you talked about didn’t show up, so I tried to click on the side panel to get to the ones being discussed, but it only turned off the sound.
    The idea was good, but you need to get some of the “bugs” out of it, to make them clearer.

  12. Buenas tardes,
    Me gusta el webinar. Sus explicaciónes tienen sentido. Hasta hoy no supe que cometía tantos errores.

  13. Hola Patrick,

    Lo siento por no asistir el Webinar. Tuve una emergencia y no era posible asistir.
    Tengo una pregunta. Por favor, puede usted decirme si: ¿Es posible usar ‘por’ en vez de ‘en’ en los siguientes frases?
    El sábado ‘en’ la mañana llama a Andrés
    Voy a salir con él el viernes ‘en’ la noche
    Me gusta hacer ejercicio ‘en’ las mañanas

    Muchas gracias por su respuesta


  14. Thanks for the great content Patrick.

  15. Thank you for sharing this webinar about common mistakes. It’s been very helpful and the information is not only interesting, but it’s clear and easy to understand. Thanks again.

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