Spanish Prepositions

  • When To Use Por vs. Para In Spanish - This story illustrates when to use Por vs. Para in Spanish. This story is actually from a previous email that I sent several years ago, but I want to mention it again because it illustrates the confusion that can be caused if you do not know when to use the prepositions Por vs. Para in […]
  • Por vs. Para - In today’s blog post, I have a podcast for you to download. The podcast covers the differences between por vs. para Por vs. Para can be a confusing topic for many English speakers learning Spanish because depending on the context, both “para” and “por” can mean the English word “for.” You will find that “para” […]
  • 7 Spanish words for conversational Spanish - Today, I have 7 Spanish words for conversational Spanish for living in or traveling to Latin America You will not find these words in in your typical Spanish course. But I assure you from personal experience that they are used in Latin America in a typical normal, everyday conversations. I always find it amazing that […]
  • Direct Style vs. Indirect Style in Spanish Part 2 - Today I am going to talk about direct speech/quoted speech vs. indirect speech/reported speech in Spanish. In the Spanish language, this topic of Spanish grammar is called “estilo directo” vs. “estilo indirecto.” In English, direct style vs. indirect style. In both Spanish and English, we have two different ways to express what someone else says: […]
  • Direct Style vs. Indirect Style in Spanish Part 1 - Today I will talk about a common grammatical mistake that native English speakers make in BOTH English and Spanish. This mistake involves what’s known in terms of grammar as the Direct Style vs. the Indirect Style. Oddly, you will NOT find that Spanish speakers make this grammatical mistake as often in the Spanish language. I […]
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