Do You Want Your Child Or Grandchild To Learn To Speak and Read Spanish With a Fun and Easy Method?

If your child is between 3 and 8 years old and you want your child to learn to speak and read Spanish, here’s a fun and easy method. The audiobook for Learn Spanish For Kids (Books 1 to 8), includes over 10 hours of recorded audio. And all the recordings feature native-Spanish speakers so that your child develops proper pronunciation in Spanish. And most recordings feature child voice actors to help keep your child entertained and engaged.

You will hear a word or phrase in English and then there will be a pause for you to say the same word or phrase in Spanish. After you give your answer, you will hear the Spanish speaker. Repeat after the Spanish speaker. Repeat this lesson as many times as it takes for you to say the right answers in Spanish before the Spanish speaker says the right answers.

Press The Play Button To Listen To This Lesson Which Will Teach Your Child The Names of Countries & Languages

The audiobook for Learn Spanish For Kids (Books 1 to 8), will teach your child Spanish for the following topics:

The audiobook for Learn Spanish For Kids (Books 1 to 8), also includes a FREE  PDF transcript to help your child learn to read Spanish.  The audiobook also includes a link to get access to a special bonus gift: a videobook (designed to further help your child develop speaking, listening and reading skills in Spanish).

If you truly want your child to be able to speak and read Spanish, then get this audiobook for your child as soon as it’s released.

Learn Spanish For Kids Books 1 to 8 Coming Soon On Amazon and Audibl