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Learn Spanish 1

"Discover The Learning Spanish Method That Turned A New York City Lawyer’s Life Up Side Down… Forcing Him To Close His Law Office Down, Quit Practicing Law, and Start His Own Language Learning Company…

…Now The Same Exact Method Is Being Used By Thousands Of Students Around The World To Learn Real Latin American Spanish And Become Fluent In Record Time!"

Medellín, Colombia


edellín, Colombia? Yes, this is where my quest and passion for learning to speak Spanish has taken me. I now call Medellin, Colombia home and “visit” New York City once-or-twice-a-year.

Your reasons for wanting to learn Spanish may, or may not be, to move to a Spanish speaking country. It may be to help you converse with Spanish speaking people that work for you or with you, or you may be taking a trip to a Latin American country, or perhaps, you are interested in starting or furthering a relationship with someone that you got your eye on but haven’t been able to do it because you don’t speak Spanish. It doesn’t really matter, the fact that you have arrived here tells me that you are searching for a course that can put you on the “fast lane to fluency” to speak the type of Spanish spoken in Latin America and in the United States.
I know what that’s like… I’ve been there… Done that too…
… unfortunately for me, when I started there weren’t any courses on the market specifically taylor made to help me quickly and easily learn to speak “real Latin American” Spanish…
… fortunately for you, I changed that a long time ago. And now..
… to answer the first important question…


What is Learning Spanish Like Crazy?

Actually, before I answer this question in detail, let’s clarify something that is probably on your mind…

what makes me qualified to help you learn how to speak real Latin American Spanish?

Well first of all, I have something to admit to you . . . . I did not develop any of the content that you will find in Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

And I admit that I am not one of the recorded speakers that you will hear in the course.

All of the content in this course was developed by native Spanish speakers and all of the speakers that you will hear in this course are native Spanish speakers.

That’s the only way that you can learn how to speak real Latin Amercian Spanish.

So who am I? I am just the guy that discovered this crazy system or teaching method that will help you learn how to speak Spanish in record time — quicker and easier than you ever imagined possible.

In fact, I fully credit the Learning Spanish Like Crazy method for giving me the possibility of living in this beautiful Latin American city.

With this important detail behind us, let’s get to the question of what is Learning Spanish like Crazy?


What is there in Learning Spanish Like Crazy for you?

  • It is the only learning Spanish course conceived and developed from the “get-go” to teach “real Latin American Spanish.” Look, my goal was always to learn to speak the type of Spanish I heard while growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Also, the type of Spanish I heard when I went to other cities in the US and whenever I traveled to Central and South America.I am not a diplomat, nor did I ever play one on TV…

    … so, the type of Spanish that diplomats speak did not and does not appeal to me…

    … also, I did not want to learn the type of Spanish spoken in Spain (aka Castellano)….

    …. again, my goal was to study and learn “real Latin American Spanish.” The type I speak here in Colombia every day.

  • It is an audio based course. In today’s hectic and chaotic world, who has the time to sit in front of a computer or to be tied to a desk trying to learn Spanish? Not me, and probably not you either.So, Learning Spanish Like Crazy was developed to help you learn Spanish while you drive, exercise, walk the dog, or have what I like to call “some down time.”

    Simply put the audio course on your favorite audio player, put your headphones on and instantly you immerse yourself into a practical and proven Spanish learning environment.

  • It is comprised of 30 lessons of an average of less than 30 minutes. Scientific studies after scientific studies have unequivocally proven that human beings learn best when we consume new information in “chunks” of 30 minutes or less.
  • It is Real, Everyday, Spoken Spanish. No “How Do you do?” type of Spanish. Instead you get the “how are you?” and “what’s up?” type of Spanish.
  • It is a system that does not use memorization of words and phrases. There are no drills in Learning Spanish Like Crazy……instead you get useful and practical “Spanish speaking” techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world.

And here is the answer to the next important question…

“Patrick, are you sure that I can learn Spanish with Learning Spanish Like Crazy?”

The simple answer is: ABSOLUTELY and POSITIVELY YES!
in fact……Pull Out Your Calendar Now

And circle today’s date. Then count ahead 9 days and circle that day too…
that day will be coming very fast. That’s the day when you will feel more confident than ever before in speaking Spanish and in understanding when others are speaking Spanish to you after just going through the first 9 lessons of LSLC… thousands have taken me up on this challenge and have gone “from zero to sixty” in record time.

Also, take a look at the “testimonials” below (you may even choose to hit the play button and listen)… from folks just like you (as well as people from just about every learning Spanish experience-level imaginable).

I’ve taken the most skeptical… stubborn… hard to teach…clueless… and scared to say a single word in Spanish students you’ve ever seen…… and, through the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system…

… swept away any confusion about “speaking” and “understanding” Spanish, and transformed them into clued-in SPANISH SPEAKERS, finally able to achieve their goal of communicating in Spanish.

Also, and this is something I really want you to “take to hear,” I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in law school and spent several years honing my skills as a New York State practicing lawyer.
Now, I didn’t give that up (that’s how my family looked at it initially) chasing some “fad” or an “empty dream.” No, I did it because of a burning passion and desire to learn and to teach others how to speak Spanish.

So that’s what you get when you buy Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Wall of Testimonials

His method has finally enabled me to break out of beginner Spanish.
Click button to hear Success Story #1
"I am very frugal, so I initially researched various Spanish language tools by reading countless reviews, and borrowing materials from the library; before finally deciding to purchase Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I have never regretted my decision! Patrick delivers on his promise. His method has finally enabled me to break out of beginner Spanish, while living in the Midwest! He is constantly improving the program, and his customer service is excellent! Each lesson builds on the next to gradually teach you to understand and converse with native speakers. My Latino friends have even commented on how quickly my Spanish is improving!"


Cincinati, Ohio

 Other programs I tried can only be described as inferior in comparison, to hopelessly inferior
Click button to hear Success Story #2
Patrick, other programs I tried before subscribing to ‘Learning Like Crazy’ can only be described as inferior in comparison, to hopelessly inferior. I can only say good things about ‘Learning Like Crazy’; the voices are clear and pleasant to listen to, the content relevant, the flow of topics logical. Customer service is professional and friendly. Thank you, and congratulations on your fine product. I can not remember ever getting a better bargain!

Frank Kalich
Lawrence, Kansas


Being truly fluent in Spanish can open any number of career opportunities for anyone willing to master these materials
Click button to hear Success Story #3
" My name is John Rader and I reside in Bettendorf, Iowa. Four months ago, I wrote my first “testimonial” for Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Even with less than half the Level One course work under my belt, I was extremely enthusiastic about the program and felt confident in my learning progress. Now that I finished all lessons in Level One and also Level One of the FSI program, I am not at all embarrassed to strike up
a simple conversation with a native Spanish-speaking person. Working through FSI Levels 2 & 3, plus your upcoming Level Two LSLC Course should keep me busy for another several months and bring me to my initial goal of being fluent in Spanish! Not only are the materials solid and progressive in their teaching, you can sense the team approach and professionalism of the LSLC staff. Again, thank you Patrick, Liliana, Sebastian, Pamela, Ruben and everyone else involved with LSLC. Your dedication to excellence is refreshing. My short-range goal? Go to Bolivia and help a colleague in his orphanage and village this fall. From there I am unsure, but let’s face it, with perhaps 350 million Spanish speaking people in North, Central and South America, being truly fluent in Spanish can open any number of career opportunities for anyone willing to master these materials."

John Rader

Bettendorf, Iowa

Spent TONS of money on other Spanish programs, only to find out most of it is no longer used!
Click button to hear Success Story #4
"My story is the same as any other: Spent TONS of money on other Spanish programs (I had 10 total!), only to find out most of it is no longer used! Thank goodness I had bilingual employees who corrected me kindly and didn’t laugh at me! I found LSLC and at first thought it was too expensive; however, after my last frustration trying to speak to an employee and getting nowhere, I had had it! I bought LSLC and never looked back. The learning is simple and easy to remember and the weekly teleclasses are second to none. Now, I get praise from my employees for my effort to learn their language."


West Lafayette, Indiana


Finally I discovered LSLC and found its intensive focus on listening and speaking to be just what the doctor ordered.
Go Ahead read below Success Story #5

"As a psychiatrist who works in an inner city clinic with many Hispanic clients, I needed to improve my grasp of the Spanish language, especially listening comprehension and spoken expression. I had tried several other methods of learning Spanish but was never fully satisfied with the results.

Finally I discovered LSLC and found its intensive focus on listening and speaking to be just what the doctor ordered."


Orange, Conneticut


I found the LSLC course and started it every day driving to work and back and when going to the gym.
Click button to hear Success Story #6
Hi, I am a Belgian Dutch speaking guy. I really like to travel with my backpack. So every year I head out for a month of holiday. Last year I had the luck to be able to take two holidays. In june I traveled through Peru, part of Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. A spledid holiday but apart from being able to ask for directions, negociating a price and ordering food I was not able to talk Spanish at all. So I got a bit frustrated that I was not able to have real conversations with the locals. So when I returned home and planned my next holiday in November to Argentina I was really motivated to learn Spanish so that I could enjoy the local culture better. After a search on the web I found the LSLC course and started it every day driving to work and back and when going to the gym. By end of September I had finished all the lessons. When I arrived in Buenos Aires I immediately was supprised with the fact that I directly had a nice talk with the taxi driver. Something that I could not do in June. As I continued on my travelsI frequently did little tour in Spanish groups and had no problem at all understanding almost everything. I even have had a girlfriend in Buenos Aires with whom I traveled for a week and since she did not speak a worth of English or an other language I must say that we managed very well to have a good time having long conversations about a divers list of topics. Of course my Spanish is not perfect but I can not rember how many people congratulated me on how good I could talk and understand. This course has really been of incredible value to add a new dimension to my travel experiences. Of course I am a walking publicity for it and already convinced several people to do the course before haeding of to a Spanish speaking country. One of my best friends did it and is now still having a realationship with a Chilean girl he met in Santiago. Just all because now we were able to talk instead of look.

Geert J.

Leuven, Belgium


It is safe to say, without exaggerating, that LSLC enabled me to successfully communicate in Spanish.
Click button to hear Success Story #7
In May ’05 I decided I wanted to go to Nicaragua. I made reservations to leave in late July, and stay for two weeks. I could speak about 20 words of Spanish, left over from Jr. High School many years ago. A friend who teaches Spanish lent me her curriculum, which I dutifully plugged through. In two months, I picked up enough to get around, but I was far from being able to communicate. After I returned, with plans to return to Nicaragua on a semi-permanent basis in Sept. 06, I was desperate to really learn the language. That’s when I found LSLC. I downloaded Level 1 to my trusty mp3 player, and from that moment on, I was seldom without it. It is safe to say, without exaggerating, that LSLC enabled me to successfully communicate in Spanish. Sure, I still have a ways to go before I’m "fluent". But after working through Level 1, I can hold my own in most situations, and am confident of my grasp of rudimentary grammar. All I can say is, it’s worth every penny, and I cannot wait to begin Level 2.

Lauren S.

Homer, Alaska


LSLC has changed my Spanish greatly. I am now able to hold meaningful conversations with the people in Mexico
Click button to hear Success Story #8
My name is Steve from Chino, California. I needed to learn how to speak Spanish to aid in my monthly church trips to Ensenada, Mexico. The group that I belong to works with orphanages, battered women’s shelters, drug rehab centers and churches. I started using LSLC after finishing Pimsleur Spanish I, II, & III. I was able to communicate on a basic level after I finished the three Pimsleur courses. I was far from fluent, but a lot better off than before the courses. LSLC has changed my Spanish greatly. I feel like I have graduated from junior Spanish and moved up to the big leagues. I am now able to hold meaningful conversations with the people in Mexico. It was great knowing how to get to the bathroom or how to ask for more food at lunch, but now to develop actual relationships with the local people is incredible! My Mexican friends are amazed each month at the improvement in my Spanish from the previous trip. I know that there are a lot of you who have used other courses and had some success. I also know that you are probably frustrated because you don’t feel like you can really speak Spanish. Let me assure you that if you are willing to put in some time you can develop your Spanish to the level that I have or beyond.


Chino, California


Eso era cuando yo encontré Learning Spanish Like Crazy.
Click button to hear Success Story #9
Me llamo Terence y encontré Learning Spanish Like Crazy el verano pasado. Soy estudiante intermedio y he estudiado en España y México, pero todavía hay algunos conceptos de gramática que yo no sabía y estaba buscando un curso de español para ayudarme con estos. También, recientemente empecé viajar con mi trabajo y estaba buscando un método para mantener mis habilidades de español. Eso era cuando yo encontré Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Este curso me ha ayudado aprender muchos de los conceptos gramáticos que yo no sabía, y lo mejor es que yo podía aprender cuando tenía tiempo. He recomendado Learning Spanish Like Crazy a muchos principiantes de español y a algunos estudiantes más avanzados que quieren mejorar y mantener su español. Estoy esperando Learning Spanish Like Crazy nivel dos y voy a comprarlo cuando está disponible. Gracias y hasta luego!


St. Louis, Missouri


Los profesores sugirieron que tomara el curso que es casi lo mas avanzado de la Universidad
Click button to hear Success Story #10
Estuve estudiando español por solamente once meses y principalmente para eschuchar los CD's de "Learning Spanish Like Crazy" Recientemente decidi tomar una clase de conversacion al Universidad de New Hampshire. Los llame y me dijeron tomar un examen de entrada en el internet. Tome el examen. Me sorprendi cuando vi el resultado. Lo mas alto esperado era 440. Recibi 498. Los profesores sugirieron que tomara el curso que es casi lo mas avanzado de la Universidad, "Advanced Converstaion and Composition." No tomare el curso, porque todos los otros estudiantes han tenido muchos anos de espanol y si hecho tanto progreso, seguire estudiando como hago ahora.


Kingston, Newhampshire


Here’s what to do next:

Assuming you want to grab a copy of Learning Spanish Like Crazy…
… first decide whether you want to get Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 in CD format or in Download (i.e. MP3) format…

… if you choose the CD Platinum Package version, you will be rushed shown below huge package of CD’s…

… if you choose the Download format (again, MP3), you will get instant access to all of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy material including all of the bonus courses.

What’s the difference between the CD Platinum Package and the Download?

Actually it is only the delivery method…
The course material is exactly the same. Let me explain…

The CD Platinum Package INCLUDES NEARLY 50 CDs TO HELP YOU LEARN SPANISH. It also includes the downloadable mp3 files of bonus Spanish sayings and insults (vulgar and non vulgar insults). Not only does the Platinum Package include the 30 Learning Spanish Like Crazy audio lessons, the Platinum Package also includes the complete CD courses of FSI Fast Course, FSI Programmatic Spanish One, and FSI Programmatic Spanish Two. You also get instant access to the digital downloadable version of FSI Spanish Level 3 (Advanced Spanish) and FSI Spanish Level 4 (Advanced Spanish).

The Digital Downloadable Version includes 30 lessons of Learning Spanish Like Crazy as well as the bonus Spanish sayings and insults (vulgar and non vulgar). It also includes FSI Programmatic Spanish One, FSI Programmatic Spanish Two, FSI
Spanish 3, FSI Spanish 4, and the FSI Fast Course as Bonus material.

Speaking of bonus material, let me break down for you what is included with your purchase of Learning Spanish Like Crazy today…

FSI Programmatic Spanish Level 1

Bonus 1: FSI Programmatic Spanish Level One.

FSI Programmatic Spanish Level 1
This is the very same course developed by the US Government’s Department of State over 40 years ago and used to teach CIA Agents, FBI Agents, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Agents, and other U.S. Government personnel Spanish. This course alone is more than 17 hours of recorded Latin American Spanish lessons.

There are tens of thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of people that have paid between $200 and $225 for a copy of the FSI Programmatic Spanish Level One Course.

We sell this course on Amazon for $97.00..

Bonus 2: FSI Programmatic Spanish Level Two.

FSI Programmatic Spanish Level 2
Level 2 of FSI Programmatic takes you where you’ve never been before with the “Subjunctive” mood.

It effectively uses examples to teach you the Spanish Subjunctive mood making this topic as easy as a walk through the park. This course alone is more than 12 hours of recorded Latin American Spanish lessons.

Many web sites sell this course for $199 or more….

Bonus 3: FSI Spanish Level Three (Advanced Spanish).

FSI Spanish Level Three (Advanced Spanish) Many Spanish courses claim that they teach you advanced Spanish but don’t even come close to measuring up to FSI Spanish Level 3.

Besides Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Dos, FSI Spanish Level 3 and FSI Spanish Level 4 are the ONLY Spanish courses that really teach you ADVANCED LEVEL Spanish.

FSI Spanish Level 3 consists of more than 13 hours of recorded Latin American Spanish lessons.

Bonus 4: FSI Spanish Level 4 (Advanced Spanish).

FSI Spanish Level 4 FSI Spanish Level 4 consists of more than 12 hours of recorded Latin American Spanish lessons. Like FSI Spanish Level Three, I’ve seen this course being sold online for $174.50.

Bonus 5: FSI Fast Course Spanish.

FSI Fast Course Spanish.
This is the latest Spanish course developed by the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. Department of State.

This course was originally developed for intensive classroom instruction by U.S. government officials, diplomats, military personnel, FBI agents, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents, CIA agents and other government personnel that must learn Spanish quickly prior to traveling abroad. But you as a self learner can use the FSI Fast course to accelerate their Spanish.

By the way, the original FSI Spanish courses were on cassette. So the sound quality wasn’t the greatest. So, I took all of the FSI cassettes to a state-of-the-art New York City recording studio and had them digitally re-mastered. That ensures that you get the absolute best sound quality. You will also get download access to all of the FSI Spanish textbooks.

To order, select either the CD Platinum Package or the Download Format below…

LSLC1 CD Platinum Package For $299.95 On CD

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!

P.S. Remember, since this Spanish course comes with an 8 Week full money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.


Again, No Hassle, 8 weeks Full Money-Back Guarantee!!!

Just in case you missed it above.  If you’re unhappy with this Spanish course for any reason, just tell us and we will give you a full and courteous refund.Absolutely no questions asked.

Patrick Jackson

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Die Great win Casino-Website lädt Sie in die aufregende Welt der Glücksspielunterhaltung ein. Aber was wäre, wenn Sie Ihrer Faust einen weiteren Fähigkeitspfeil hinzufügen könnten? LearningSpanishLikeCrazy bietet Spanischunterricht an, damit Sie Ihre kulturelle und sprachliche Vielfalt erweitern können. Wenn Sie sich bei Great Win Casino anmelden, erhalten Sie auch ein paar kostenlose Lektionen, um Ihr Sprachabenteuer zu beginnen.