Who Else Wants To Learn To Speak and Understand Spanish Just Like a Native Spanish Speaker?

From: Patrick Jackson
Where: Medellín, Colombia
Hola amigo/a
Just to show our appreciation for getting a copy of Learn Spanish Like a M.F., the Learning Spanish Like Crazy team and I want to make you a one-time special offer -to get the NEW & Improved version of Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level One – which includes a special bonus package consisting of:

Volcano Spanish is an audio Spanish program that will enable you to master conversational Spanish just by adding hundreds and hundreds of Spanish words to your vocabulary – and just by using the English words you already know.

We’ve also included the PDF transcript – in case you’re a visual learner. And just like we do with all our programs, we’ve only used native Spanish speakers – that’s to make sure you develop an authentic Latin American Spanish accent.

So what do you need to do to get access to this special bonus package? Just click the link below to go to Audible. And then email me a screenshot of it in your Aubile library. And then either my assistant Mari or I will email you your log-in info to get access to your special bonus package. 

And if by any chance you already have a copy of the NEW & Improved Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level One, then I have a different special offer for you . . .

Just scroll below where you’ll find the links to get a copy of Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 (ORIGINAL Version) – with a special bonus package consisting of: