One common mistake that I have heard English speakers make when speaking Spanish is to use the wrong verb when saying that a person quit something, such as quitting a job or quitting a bad habit. For example,


How To Say I Quit My Job in Spanish


Yo quité me trabajo.

That is NOT the correct way to say “I quit my job.” In Spanish, when talking about “quitting”
a job you do not use the verb “quitar.”

You must use the verb “renunciar.”

Yo renuncié a mi trabajo.
(I quit my job.)

Ella renució a su trabajo ayer.
(She quit her job yesterday.)


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How To Say To Quit Smoking in Spanish


Another similar and common mistake is to use the verb “parar” when talking about stopping a bad habit or quitting a bad habit such as smoking.

How To Say To Quit in Spanish

Although the verb “parar” does mean to stop, when talking about stopping a bad habit or quitting a bad habit, Spanish uses the verb “dejar de.” If you are talking about stopping something that is not a bad habit, such as stop talking or stop dancing, then you can use either “dejar de” or “parar de.”

Quiero dejar de fumar.
I want to quit smoking.

Juanita no quiere parar de bailar.
Juanita does not want to stop dancing.

Sergio no para de hablar.
Sergio does not stop talking.