Have you ever had a night when all you wanted to do was just sit back and relax at home with a “copa de vino tinto” (glass of red wine) and watch Netflix? Well, tonight was one of those nights for me. But it didn’t go as planned . . . .

An “amiga” of mine who moved from Medellin to live in Miami about 4 years ago called and told me she was here in Medellin for a few days and that she was not far from my home and she wanted to stop by to “saludarme” (say hello to me). I told her “no hay problema” and she arrived at my home with her 14 year old “sobrina”(niece) Valentina.

After checking to see if there was a “bebida/refresco” (soft drink) in my “nevera” (refrigerator), Valentina then grabbed the “control” or “control remoto” (remote control) and changed the channel ON MY TELEVISION to some type of romance vampire movie. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

But then I started watching the vampire movie, and I thought “Wow, this is really cool. I am hearing a lot of vocabulary words that I can share with my readers.” So here are 7 Spanish vocabulary words that you may hear used in a Vampire movie:

1. colmillo – fangs

Los vampiros tienen mal aliento, colmillos largos y piel pálida.
Vampires have bad breath, long fangs, and pale skin.


2. ajo – garlic

La gente usaba ajo para ayhuentar a los vampiros.
The people used garlic to shoo/to chase away the vampires.

3. sanguinario – bloodthirsty

El vampiro sanguinario mordió a sus víctimas.
The bloodthirsty vampire bit his victims.

4. crucifijo – crucifix

En la literatura vampírica, los vampiros siempre aborrecen las cruces y los crucifijos.
In vampiric literature, vampires always abhor crosses and crucifixes.

5. estaca – stake

Para matar a un vampiro, tiene que clavar una estaca de madera en su corazón.
In order to kill a vampire, you have to hammer a wooden stake into his heart.

6. murciélago – bat

Dicen que los vampiros se pueden transformar en murciélagos.
They say that vampires can transform themselves into bats.

7. reflejo – reflection

Los vampiros no tienen reflejos en los espejos.
Vampires do not have reflections in mirrors.