Today’s topic is “Spanish Vocabulary for Action Movies.” If you love watching action movies in Spanish as much as I do, then you will truly enjoy this blog post.

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I find it amazing that in Spanish you can sometimes add the ending “ada” or “azo” to the name of an object to describe a “blow” or “strike” using that object.


How To Say To Stab Someone In Spanish


For example, “puñal” means dagger or knife and “puñalada” means a “stab.” And “navaja” means “folding knife” and “navajazo” means “a stab from a folding knife.”

 Spanish Vocabulary for Action Movies


After I wrote that blog post, I thought of another example:

“Silla” means chair and “sillazo” means a “strike with a chair.” And then I thought about something . . .


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How To Say To Pistolwhip Someone In Spanish


In the 5 1/2 years that I have lived in Colombia, I have never heard the term that is used for a strike with a gun. Or in other words – ¿Cómo se dice el verbo “to pistolwhip”?

So last night, I went online and asked in a learn-Spanish/learn-English forum. Several native Spanish speakers who are learning English responded and said that the word is “cachazo.”

In other words, “cacha” means handle of a gun or the butt of a gun, and “cachazo” means a “strike with a gun” or “to pistolwhip.”

 Spanish Vocabulary for Action Movies

A couple of native Spanish speakers responded and said that you can also use the word “culatazo,” for a “strike with a firearm,” especially when referring to a strike from the butt of a rifle. “Culata” is another word for the handle of a firearm.


How To Say Action Movie In Spanish


I just thought you might find this interesting especially if one way that you improve
your Spanish is by watching “películas de acción” (action movies) in Spanish.

By the way, an excellent way to improve your Spanish is by watching your favorite genre of movies in Spanish — either with the original audio in Spanish or movies that have been dubbed over from English to Spanish.