I recently heard an English speaking friend here in Medellin, Colombia talking to his “novia” (girlfriend), actually she’s his “prometida” (fiancée) — while using his “celular” (cell phone).

I heard him make two mistakes that English-speaking “amantes” (lovers) make when speaking Spanish. By the way, in some Spanish speaking countries, including countries in the Spanish speaking Caribbean, you may hear the word “enamorado” used for lover instead of the word “amante.”

Let’s say my American friend’s name is Kevin (not his real name). Let’s now take a look at two phrases that he said INCORRECTLY to his “prometida” (fiancée) while using his “celular” (cell phone):

a. Sueño de ti cada noche.
b. Estoy enamorado contigo

a. “Sueño de ti cada noche” is NOT how you say “I dream about you every night.”

When you want to say that you dream about someone, you have to use “con” instead of “de.” As English speakers, we commonly make this mistake in Spanish because in English we say “I dream ABOUT you.” And we don’t say “I dream WITH you.” And the word “about” is sometimes translated
to the Spanish word “de.”

In Spanish, for example, you would ask

¿Sueñas conmigo?
Do you dream about me?
(But literally, “do you dream WITH me?”)

So he should have said, “Sueño contigo cada noche,” in order to say “I dream about you every night.”

b. “Estoy enamorado contigo” is NOT the way you say “I am in love with you.” This is a common mistake that English speakers make because in English we literally say “I’m in love with you” as opposed to “I’m in love from you.”

But in Spanish you must say, “estoy enamorado de ti,” which literally, means “I am in love from you” or “I am in love about you.”


2 Mistakes Lovers Make When Speaking Spanish