You may recall that in one of my emails I mentioned that when I first started learning Spanish, I used to walk around with a “libreta” (little writing pad) and a “pluma” (literally, “feather”) or “lapicero” or “bolígrafo” (the first word is the word for writing “pen” in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and the second and third are the words that are used for “pen” in Colombia”).

Everytime that I learned a new Spanish word from a Spanish speaker, I would write the word down in my “libreta” and later transfer the word to my “cuaderno” (notebook). This was before the days of smartphones. By the way, in Latin America a smartphone is usually referred to as a “smartphone” pronounced “esmartfon.”

Well today, I have some vocabulary words from my old “cuaderno” (notebook) that you may want to learn:


How To Say To Hand-Out In Spanish

1. Repartir: to hand-out


How To Say Flyer In Spanish

2. Volante: flyer

Están repartiendo volantes en la calle.
They are handing out flyers in the street.

5 Vocabulary Words You May Hear In Latin America


How To Say Steering Wheel In Spanish

Note that in addition to “flyer” the word “volante” can also mean “steering wheel.”


How To Say Deliveryman In Spanish

3. Repartidor: Deliverman

El repartidor pasaba muy temprano por la casa.
The deliveryman used to pass by the house very early.

How To Say To Spill In Spanish

4. Derramar: to spill

Se me derramó la leche.
I spilled the milk (by accident).

5. Regar: to water

Tengo que regar las matas.
I have to water the plants.

Note that in Colombia, I have heard the “gente” (people) use the word “regar” to not only mean “to water” but also to “to spill.” But the word “derramar” is also used in Colombia to mean “to spill.”

Also note that in Latin America, you may hear the word “mata” or the word “planta” used for “plant.”


How To Say Flower Pot In Spanish

6. Matera: Flower Pot

Hay una mata muy grande en esa matera.
There is a very large plant in that flower pot.