Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson

In today’s blog post, I will cover four (4) vocabulary words:

1. Suela – sole of a shoe. Do not confuse this word with “el suelo” which means “the ground” as the ground that you walk on outdoors. In Medellín, Colombia, I have also heard people use the word “suelo” instead of the word “piso” to refer to the floor that is indoors.

Las suelas de tus zapatos están gastadas de caminar.
The soles of your shoes are worn out from walking.

2. Planta – sole of a foot. “Planta” can also mean “plant.”

4 Spanish Vocabulary Words You May Want To Know

Te quemaste la planta de un pie porque pisaste descalzo la arena que estaba muy caliente.
You burned the sole of your foot because you stepped barefooted on sand that was very hot.

How To Say Hail In Spanish


3. Granizo – hail

4. Granizar – to hail

Cuando graniza, una sombrilla no es suficiente para protegerse.
When it hails, an umbrella is not enough to protect one.

NOTE: In many Spanish speaking countries, the word for “umbrella” is “paraguas,” and the word “sombrilla” is used to refer to an umbrella that is used only at the each or an umbrella that has a look that is typical of “el Oriente” and is used to protect one from the sun. But in Medellín, Colombia the word that is commonly used for “umbrella” is “sombrilla.”