Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson

Here are 3 Spanish vocabulary words that you may want to learn:

1. Desabrido – Que no tiene sabor (without flavor)

Although “desabrido” can be used to describe food, in Colombia I have heard this word used figuratively to describe a person. “una persona desabrida” would be someone without personality, without sex appeal, etc.

“Desabrido” reminds me of how I used to hear Latinos in the States, use the word “sabroso” to describe a person even though “sabroso” literally means “delicious.”

Esa muchacha es desabrida.
That young lady does not have any personality, sex appeal, etc.


How To Say Landslide or Mudslide In Spanish


2. Derrumbe – Hecho de hundir o derribar una construcción (landslide)

3 Spanish Vocabulary Words To Learn

El terremoto provocó un derrumbe.
The earthquake caused a landslide.

By the way, I never heard the word “derrumbe” before when I lived in the coastal Colombian city Barranquilla. But after moving to the interior part of the country or the department of “Antioquia,” “derrumbe” became a word that I am now well accustomed to hearing.

Instead of “derrumbe” in some Spanish speaking countries you may hear them use the word “derrumbamiento.”


How To Say Cartoon In Spanish


3. Caricatura – Dibujo animado o dibujo cómico (cartoons)

Me gusta ver las caricaturas de la televisión porque son muy divertidas.
(I like to watch the television cartoons because they are very fun.)

“Caricatura” can refer to either a comic strip such as a drawing or it can refer to animated cartoons.

In Nueva York, the word that I heard the Mexican LSLC instructors and voice over talent use was “dibujos animados” — literally animated drawings.

Although I learned the word “caricatura” in Colombia, I quickly learned that not too many people actually say the word “caricatura.” Nearly everyone in Colombia, especially the children, but including the adults, use the word “amiguitos” — literally, “little friends.”