Let’s cover 8 common Spanish vocabulary words today. If you live in a Spanish-speaking country you will hear these words. But you will probably not hear them used in a typical Spanish course.

1. despectivo – scornful, contemptuous

No me hables en un tono despectivo.
(Don’t speak to me in a contemptuous tone.

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2. desordenado — messy

La habitación de mi hijo siempre está desordenada.
(My son’s bedroom is always messy.)

3. hurto — (robo sin violencia) theft

El joyero no se dio cuenta del hurto de los anillos.
(The jeweler did not realize the theft of the rings.)

4. pegajoso — sticky

Me quedaron las manos pegajosas despues de agarrar una manazana con caramelo.
(My hands became sticky after grabbing a caramel apple.)

5. sudoroso — sweaty

Trabajé mucho hoy y llegué a mi casa sudoroso y pegajoso.
(I worked a lot today and arrived at my house sweaty and sticky.)

6. cuernos — horns of an animal

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7. cachos — horns of an animal (commonly used in Colombia instead of the word “cuernos”)

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8. poner los cuernos — (ser infiel) to be unfaithful to one’s spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other, etc. But literally “to put horns on someone.”

Miguel le puso los cuernos a su novia y cuando ella se dio cuenta rompió su relación.
(Miguel cheated on his girlfriend and when she found out she ended their relationship.)

Por supuesto (of course), in Colombia the “gente” say “poner los cachos” instead of “poner los cuernos.”

If you want to sound a bit more formal, you can use the verb “engañar” instead of “poner los cuernos.”

Catalina engaña a su novio.
Catalina is cheating on her boyfriend.