Today you will learn 2 common everyday Spanish words that I have never shared with you.

1. How to say coupon in Spanish
2. How to say lint in Spanish


How To Say Coupon In Spanish

A. Bono – 1. coupon 2. bonus

Although “bono” literally means “bonus” I have heard people in Colombia use the word the same way we use the word “coupon.”
How To Say Coupon in Spanish

For example, today I had lunch with an “amiga” and we ordered some food from the “directorio” (directory) or “Páginas Amarillas.” (Yellow Pages) Yes, people still use the Yellow Pages in Latin America.

And my “amiga” said to me “necesito las tijeras para cortar el bono.”
(I need the scissors in order to cut the coupon.)

However . . . I want you to be aware that you may also hear Spanish speakers use the word “cupón” for coupon. “Cupón” is easier to remember since it looks and sounds a lot like the English word “coupon.”


How To Say Lint In Spanish

B. Lana – lint (“lana” literally means wool)

Earlier today when the “empleada” (maid) was emptying some clothes from the “lavadora” (washer machine) that I had washed earlier today, she said to me “Hay mucha lana en el filtro (de lavadora).” “There’s a lot of lint in the (washer machine’s) filter.”

Be aware that instead of the word “lana” you may hear people say “hilo” or “pelusa” in order to say the English word lint. “Hilo” literally means “thread.” But in Colombia, the word that I hear people use for lint is “lana” – which literally means the English word wool.