Here are THREE conversational Spanish words that you will not find in your typical Spanish course, but I hear them used quite frequently in Colombia.

By the way, I checked the online dictionary for the “Real Academia Española” or “RAE” (The Royal Spanish Academy).The official royal institution responsible for regulating the Spanish language. And these 3 words are in their online dictionary:


How To Say Noise In Spanish

1. Bulla – noise, racket, ruckus, commotion, uproar

I know that your Spanish books probably only taught you one word for noise and that word is “ruido.” But in Latin America, the word “bulla” is commonly used when referring to noise, racket, ruckus, etc.

Anoche no pude dormir porque los vecinos hicierion una fiesta y la bulla duró hasta la madrugada.

Last night I could not sleep because the neighbors had a party and the noise lasted until early morning.


How To Say To Party In Spanish

2. Rumbear – to party

Vamos a rumbear esta noche.
Let’s party tonight.

In Medellin, Colombia, I often hear the question, “¿Mucha rumba?”

¿Mucha rumba?” means “have you been partying?”


3 Conversational Spanish Words


3. Farrear – to party

In Medellin, besides the verb “rumbear,” people also use the verb “farrear” in order to say “to party.”

Vamos a farrear esta noche.
Let’s party tonight.

¿Mucha farra?”
¿Mucha fiesta?”
Have you been partying?

Sí, estuve de farra toda la noche con mis amigos.
Yes, I was out partying all night with my friends.

Although, the verb “farrear” is in RAE’s online dictionary, you are more likely to hear the verb “rumbear” instead of “farrear” in most parts of Latin America.