As I have said in a previous blog post, when I first started learning Spanish, I used to walk around with a “libreta” (little writing pad) and a “pluma” (literally, “feather” but also means “writing pen), “lapicero” or “bolígrafo”– both words mean writing pen.

And not only did I ask my native Spanish-speaking friends (many of them were Spanish instructors), but whenever I’d meet a native Spanish speaker, I’d try to find a way to strike up a friendly conversation, then I’d tell him or her that I was learning Spanish, and I’d ask them how to say different things in Spanish. Then I would write the words down in my “libreta” and later on I would transfer them to my “cuaderno” (notebook). Well, here are 3 words from my “cuaderno” (notebook).

How To Say Fence In Spanish


1. Cerca – fence

Valla con que se rodea algún espacio.
Fence that surrounds a space.


La casa está rodeada por una cerca de madera que la protege.
The house is surrounded by a wooden fence that protects it.

How To Say Hiccup In Spanish


2. Hipo – hiccup

Movimiento involuntario que altera la respiración y ocasiona un pequeño sonido.
Involuntary movement that changes the breathing and causes a small sound.


El hipo no deja hablar bien, las palabras se cortan cuando de repente aparece un hipo.
The hiccup doesn’t let you speak well, the words get cut off when a hiccup suddenly appears.

How To Say Pamper or Diaper In Spanish


3. Pañal – diaper/pamper

More Spanish Words To Add To Your Vocabulary

Prenda absorbante que se pone a los bebés a manera de calzón, mientras no han aprendido a ir al baño.
(Absorbent undergarment you put on babies like underpants while they haven’t learned to go to the bathroom.)


Antes los pañales eran de tela y ahora los hay de material desechable.
(Before pampers were of cloth and now there are ones of disposable material.)