While dining in a restaurant here in Medellin, Colombia tonight, a Colombian friend used a word when her wine glass fell and splattered wine all over her new dress. No, the word that she used was NOT a “grosería” (swear word, curse word).

How To Say Stain In Spanish

The word she used is one that you may find helpful if you ever have to take some stained clothes to a “tintorería” (dry cleaner) or “lavanderia” (laundromat) while traveling or living in Latin America.


Salpicadura And Other Helpful Spanish Vocabulary Words


The word that I want to share with you is “salpicadura.” And a “salpicadura” is a stain that is caused by splattered or splashed liquid. Here are a couple of examples using “salpicadura.”

El vestido de ella está lleno de salpicaduras de vino.
(Her dress is full of splattered wine stains.)

Por no usar delantal mientras cocinaba el pescado frito su blusa quedó con salpicaduras de aceite. (For not using an apron while cooking the fried fish, her blouse is left with cooking oil stains).

I want you to know that both “delantal” and “mandil” mean the English word “apron.” However, in Colombia, I have only heard the word “delantal” used for apron and have never heard Colombians use the word “mandil” for apron. “Por ejemplo” (for example),

El carnicero se compró un delantal de plástico para no mancharse durante su trabajo. (The butcher bought himself an apron so that he doesn’t get any stains during work.)

By the way, a more generic Spanish word for the noun “stain” is “mancha.”

Tienes una mancha de grasa en la corbata.
You have a grease stain on your tie.